learning to trust God’s heart

I read Psalm 7, which, in my NKJV bible is entitled, “Prayer and praise for deliverance from enemies.” And my train of thought went several places, but my final take away points are:

  1. Stewardship = worship
  2. Draw near to God
  3. Trust God’s heart

I’ll expand a little on point 3:

In the midst of my thoughts/”discussion” with God, I prayed, “Lord, show me how to be the steward that you want me to be.” And in the middle of that, I hesitated a little b/c I know that’s a heavy prayer that will require stretching perhaps. But I think we can tend to have this idea that we have to “be specific with God” b/c if we say the wrong thing or don’t say exactly what we mean, God will manipulate our words into granting us almost the exact opposite of our desire. How self-centered of us. It’s just like Eve in the Garden, thinking that God–who had just given them everything they’d ever need–was holding something back from them.

We have to kill this idea. If we come into hard times, the fact is that God rains on the just and on the unjust. But really though, he is our father, who delights in blessing us. His word says he will withhold no good thing from us. Further, he is not just some genie that’s there to grant our every whimsical wish. So if we don’t receive the things we ask for, maybe it’s because we ask amiss (James 4:3).

God withheld nothing from us when he gave himself/his son/his all on Calvary to bring us closer to him; why would he start now?


James 1:17 – “Every good and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is not variation or shadow of turning.”

One thought on “learning to trust God’s heart

  1. Amen…God wants us to stand and ask boldly with the knowledge that it is not us who are asking these GOOD THINGS but it’s him directing us to ask of him OUR DAILY BREAD..

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