i’m about to go to bed, but i just wanted to spit off some thoughts. it’s crazy how quickly time flies. i’m 26 now, which i sometimes forget. you always know that you will age, but it’s somehow still a shock when it happens to you. i know, i know, i’m still young.

i start my first solo ESL class tomorrow, and i’m pretty excited about it.

what’s really on my mind though is God and his dopeness. i am so in love with the Creator of the universe. he’s so lovely and incredible. i wish i could give this experience to each person i meet. for them to know him as i do. he is so fresh and so refreshing. religion doesnt answer the burning life questions that humanity has about our existence. God surely does. he longs to walk with us like he once did in Eden in the “cool of the day.” to do life with us; well, rather for us to do life with him.

my new life with him has been indescribable. far from perfect, my days are nonetheless filled with so much hope and joy and peace. far from perfect, this same holy God still loves me, a sinner so undeserving of his attention. his grace is so amazing. i’m so in love with him.

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