election day esl lesson

i voted sticker
i voted sticker

Classes for the new ESL session started back on Tuesday. I had a really good first class. 10 people registered, five people showed up, two people said they couldn’t show the first night, but would be there next time. I’m very excited and optimistic about this session.

One of the activities that I did with the class involved Election Day. We went over some vocabulary for everyday activities such as dancing, talking on the phone, ironing clothes, etc. (using the objects to help define the words). Later I explained to them that Tuesday, November 2nd was Election Day all over the country. So we had “elections” for which activity was more preferable:

  • Dance or iron clothes
  • Talk on the phone or give gifts
  • Sleep or exercise
  • Take medicine or comb hair

Each class participant voted on which they like more, and there was a winner. There was a tie between “talk on the phone” and “give gifts,” and I was surprised that “exercise” beat “sleep” (I was the only one who voted for sleep :-P). It was a good exercise to incorporate the events of the day into the lesson, and I think the class really enjoyed it. 🙂

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