old habits die hard

old habits die hard

sometimes you do something for so long that you begin to associate it with yourself…with, i suppose, part of the fabric of who you are. even when this habit is bad for you, even when you know better than doing it, even when its effects are detrimental to you, even when you dont want to do it and you’re resolved not to, you still do it. you’ve always done it, so you continue do it.

moment of transparency: i have this bad habit of staying up late. often. sometimes (err….usually) without cause or reason. it’s 2:25 a.m. logically, i know i have to get up at the 7 o’clock hour. i know it will be so much healthier for me to get a full night’s rest. i know this. but i guess a part of me really likes staying up late. i feel like the night is all mine.

i need to go to bed.

it’s not insomnia. i’m not restless. i’m just awake. enjoying being awake. tired…but yet awake. God help me. why am i awake now? well, i had to update the blog…




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