they that wait

in spanish, there is one word that represents to wait, to hope and to expect: esperar. in other words, if you want to say, “i am waiting for you,” you would say, “te espero.” if you want to say, “i hope you come,” you would say, “espero que vengas.” if you want to say, “i’m expecting a change,” you would say, “espero un cambio.”

for me there is a real lesson in that. at the risk of sounding “super spiritual,” whenever i think about it, i consider the implication something like that can have on my faith in and walk with God. in isaiah the bible says, “they that wait on the lord will renew their strength. they shall mount up with wings as eagles, run and not faint.” if i am waiting on God, it’s not just a mere hope (as in a wishful desire) that he will come through with his word, but an expectation that he will. my attitude should be expectant and not doubtful.

in colossians 1:27, paul talks about the “hope of glory,” which is christ living within us (the holy spirit). it’s amazing to me how much i look forward to going to a place that i’ve never seen. this is such a mystery. because of the holy spirit living within me, the very spirit of God, i have a yearning for heaven and the eternal, never-ending presence of God without the corruption of the flesh to distract. the holy ghost provides a “blessed assurance” that i’ve never experienced with anything else. it’s incredible!

when someone says they’re going to do something for me that i need, you know what i do? i follow up with them. i double check to make sure that they havent forgotten, or that their desire to assist me has not waivered, or that they are not now sick and cant help, or that they just havent changed their mind. why? because that’s how life is. you can go for a while expecting something, only for it to not come through after someone promised you that it would. not because that person is bad, just because such is life.

but with this…i have no doubt that christ is indeed returning to fulfill redemption for those who’ve trusted in him. and that we will live in a new realm with him without the limits of time and space and carnality and sin and death to corrupt existance anymore forever. i have this esperanza. this hope and expectancy that my entire being is waiting to see and experience. the bible says that all of creation groans and waits  for this full redemptive revelation. and i am among those who eagerly await this full redemption!

whatever we are waiting on for the Lord to reveal, or do in or for us, or provide, we should be encouraged, and EXPECT that he will indeed come through.

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