bath time (completely random)

she looks a bit squished up too . . . photo courtesy…kind of

i took a bubble bath tonight for the first time since about age…oh…7? it was cool, but let me say, much more glorified in the movies. i just kept thinking, “man, i wish i had more room.” i have a garden tub, but, i dunno, maybe i just really wanted to be in a pool. have my entire body submerged into water, and all. “okay,” i thought, “let me just sink in until the nape of my neck is just kissing the water. *sigh* okay, most of me is in the water….this ain’t so bad….except, now my knees and thighs aren’t in the water. hmmmm. maybe if i just throw water on my legs. no? hmmm…”

after changing positions (and feeling like i was doing my toss-until-i-find-a-comfortable-sleeping-position routine, much like i do before going to sleep), i finally just decided to relax–afterall, isn’t that why i decided to take a bath anyway?

then there were the hilariously random thoughts: “i’m not really that fat. no, that’s just from the holidays.” “hmmm…what am i supposed to do with the shower curtain liner?” and of course, i kept thinking of that seinfield episode  when kramer was talking about how much he enjoys taking baths, and jerry says, “how can you just sit in a pool of your own filth?”

then there was the awkwardness of actually cleaning myself. “how am i supposed to wipe my…?” if i take another bath, i’ll have to shower first. i ended up basically showering after i finished bathing anyway. lol

on the plus side, my skin does feel a lot smoother 🙂

2 thoughts on “bath time (completely random)

  1. Oh Laila! It’s so cool to find that there is someone out there like me. It seems as if our minds work in a similar way because I would totally ponder about some of the same things. Gosh! Maybe we are twins! Lol.

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