my peace corps timeline

here’s a timeline of the precursor to my journey with the peace corps. this timeline does not include every single update i underwent, but gives a good general picture of my application process. (late) january 2010: considered and prayed about joining peace corps. did some research. made the decision to join/apply for the peace corps. … More my peace corps timeline

all of creation

captivated but no longer bound by chains left at an empty grave the sinner and the sacred resolved i simply cannot get enough of this song! and all of creation sing with me now lift up your voice and lay your burden down

minority moment

can i just have a second to have a minority moment? i opened my web browser at work, which went to my local news channel’s homepage, only to see the headline, “Man charged in Greyhound bus hijacking.” “ha!” i think. “what an idiot.” so i put on my fb status, “you hijack a bus?? and … More minority moment