minority moment

can i just have a second to have a minority moment? i opened my web browser at work, which went to my local news channel’s homepage, only to see the headline, “Man charged in Greyhound bus hijacking.”

“ha!” i think. “what an idiot.” so i put on my fb status, “you hijack a bus?? and now you got a whole bus full of witnesses that will testify against you in a court of law? how did you think this was going to end??? you are so dumb, you are really dumb. for real!” (you know, like antoine dodson.)

then the news web site refreshes and they show that the hijacker is jose flores. josé flores!! ugghhhhh!!! really, dude??

jose flores, greyhound bus hijacker...really?? and what are you going to do with a greyhound bus?? ugh!

now, i am not hispanic/latina, but on behalf of the upstanding hispanics/latinos and other minorities all over the U.S., i’d like to say to you, mr. flores, you messin it up for the rest of us!

andrea bazán

there are so many hispanics/latinos that are doing positive and wonderful things for our communities. these individuals are leaders and want to make a difference. i know and admire many of them personally. but america isn’t always quick to remember the contributions of andrea bazán, president of the triangle community foundation, and board chair of the national council of la raza, the largest latino advocacy group in the US.

tavis smiley

we aren’t so quick to remember the positive impact of tavis smiley, author, sindicated talk show host, and a very influential voice in black american leadership and american leadership today. what american IS quick to remember are things like the brown and black faces of inmates on shows like “lock up” and…antoine dodson (no offense, mr. dodson). i mean, it’s just human nature: for whatever reason, people are quick to remember the bad things about others before the good things. maybe it makes us feel better about ourselves; i don’t know.

but in north carolina immigration is such a hot topic and polarized issue, and there are people in law enforcement, state and city government and down the street that have vehement hatred of ALL hispanics/latinos and/or ALL immigrants (and in some cases, all minorities period). so basta! enough, mr. flores! you are fueling the stereotypes. ok, ok, i’ll calm down. that’s my minority moment.

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