strengths and weaknesses

today in school of esther we talked about our strengths and weaknesses. pastor cooper admonished us to be self-aware in knowing them, because they are what we will be bringing into our marriages. i’ll have a moment of transparency and list some of mine here:

strength: i try to see the best in people.
weakness: i often make the mistake of assuming that people will/should treat me with the same level of respect, courtesy and love that i would treat them. and when they don’t i can get very bruised.

strength: i’m trustworthy.
weakness: i struggle with being dependable (there’s a difference).

strength: i’m a pretty deliberate person. i tend to view a decision from all of its facets before arriving at a conclusion.
weakness: i struggle with being indecisive. sometimes to the point of being immobilized.

strength: i’m a perfectionist. i like to have everything organized and mapped out.
weakness: i’m a perfectionist. i hate when things don’t go according to plan (or in the order of the plan)…i’m getting better at this.

strength: i’m gifted and talented in many areas.
weakness: i struggle with saying no, and sometimes find myself overextended.

i’ll stop exposing myself now, otherwise you’ll stop reading my blog. looking over these few things that i’ve listed above, i get somewhat frumpy, and a little frustrated with myself. but i’m so grateful that God’s love for me doesn’t depend on me. 1 john 4 says that God loves us not because of us, but because HE IS LOVE. knowing that really helps take the pressure off. not that i become complacent, or settle in my weaknesses, but it’s such a relief to know that God’s strength is truly exhibited in my weaknesses, and that i don’t have to be everything. God is everything i need him to be.

he is the one who shows love better than what i ever could to myself or any other. he is the one who is both trustworthy and dependable. he is the one who will direct my path when i acknowledge him, and the one who is ordering my steps. he is the one who knows the thoughts and plans that he has for me; so even when my own plan is botched, his sovereignty reigns. he is the ultimate multi-tasker, and the one in whom i find rest. so i don’t have to be superwoman. i don’t have to be everything. God already is. i’m so grateful to know him.

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