my peace corps timeline

here’s a timeline of the precursor to my journey with the peace corps. this timeline does not include every single update i underwent, but gives a good general picture of my application process.

  • (late) january 2010: considered and prayed about joining peace corps. did some research. made the decision to join/apply for the peace corps. met with a recruiter 1/28/10 (this is not a necessary first step, just what i decided to do as a part of my research process). later, started online application process.
  • (early) february 2010: finished online application.
  • (early) march 2010: all letters of recommendation submitted (thanks, yall!).
  • (late) march 2010: received call from my recruiter. in-person interview held on 3/31/10. nominated same day for central or south america for february 2011. finished fingerprinting and background checks.
  • april 2010: underwent medical evaluations and a few vaccines. submitted medical evaluation by mail at the end of april.
  • june 2010: because of moldy apartment, had to send an update of my medical file to the peace corps.
  • (early) september 2010: finally medically cleared (after 5 months)!
  • november 10, 2010: phone interview with placement officer.
  • november 23, 2010: received official invitation to serve by mail! assignment: dominican republic, march 2, 2010.
  • march 1, 2011: to board plane for staging in washington, d.c.
  • march 2, 2011: to board plane for santo domingo, dominican republic! 🙂


my invitation packet!

6 thoughts on “my peace corps timeline

  1. They are so lucky to get you!! I know that it will be the experience of a lifetime, not only for you, but for every person whose life you touch. Congratulations again!

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I’m Speechless. Wow it’s soo close. I pray that you life be changed for the better and that you continue to let God use you to win their souls to Christ. This is just…Wow. Love you LAILA!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Laila,

    Congratulations on being invited to serve in the DR. I am a soon to be Peace Corps volunteer (or rather trainee), and will be serving in Kazakhstan. My hair is also natural so it will be interesting to see how people react to me! Hope to read about your adventures in the Dominican Republic.

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