Staging (a one-day, pre-training orientation) went well today. Tomorrow we go to the Dominican Republic. Excited, but more than that, very, very, very exhausted. My next blog update will be from the DR :).

I’m still not sure that it’s fully hit me that I’m away from home for two years. Maybe it will once I leave the States. I quit my job, I sold my car, I removed my nose ring. And now tomorrow I leave behind life as it once was, and step into something new. May I be even moreso committed to doing whatever is required of me to leave behind my old life and embrace new life in Christ.

I’m looking forward to learning, but more immediately, I’m looking forward to bed. G’nite. 🙂

2 thoughts on “staging

  1. Thanks for sharing. I really like the videos. I’ll be at the same hotel next week for staging and departing next Wednesday for Kazakhstan. Can’t wait to read your first post from the DR. Have a safe journey.

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