nine days in

so apparently, what i thought was the water coming (see previous blog post) was not it, and the water came for real a few days ago! i now love cold showers. they are much preferable to bucket baths with no running water.

next week we go to visit current volunteers, so i’m pretty excited about that. in a few weeks we’ll start community-based training (technical training in our fields). general training and language training have been going pretty well, although i’m getting pretty sick of vaccines. the rabies shot always makes me a little sick, but i guess it’s better than getting rabies if i get bitten by a rabid animal. 🙂

even though it’s only been nine days since i’ve left (and eight days in country), i feel like i’ve been here for a while. but i am still definitely getting adjusted. i’ve eaten more pork in the last week than i ate in the entire year last year. and i’m still kind of getting used to the heat. (and this isn’t even the hottest season…).this morning, i walked with my host sisters to school, and we picked up their cousins. when the little girl saw me, she said, “ay, mira la gringa!” (gringo/gringa is what they often call white americans/anglo-saxons. i don’t really like the term for myself.) i said to her, “no soy gringa, soy negringa!” (negra + gringa) 🙂

i’m in an internet cafe now that costs less than $1.00 (US) for an hour. pretty sweet.

i haven’t taken any pictures since carnaval, but i’ll take more and post soon. 🙂


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