Written Monday, March 28, 2011

On Thursday of last week the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) group traveled to El Seibo, where we’ll spend the next several weeks in technical training for our sector (what PC calls community-based training, or CBT).

This has been a really nice change from congested Santo Domingo. The community is pretty small, but modern. We have 24 hours of electricity!! And………..I have running water!!! 🙂 You know those commercials that show kids in poor countries that have gotten running water for the first time, and they’re all excited and jumping around in the spicket? That’s exactly how I felt when I took a shower with a powerful showerhead! Even though the water was cold, it mattered little. I had water!! 🙂 Constant, reliable (for the most part) water. Praise the name of Jesus!! Lol

My doña here is more of a mother-hen type than my previous doña. This has its advantages and its drawbacks. She’s a very caring person and loves to feed me (yhsss) and take care of me; at the same time, it’s quite a different experience to have someone hold my hand to cross the street (literally) and clean up after me. She’s a very sweet person, and I like her, but this is just taking a little getting used to. So I’m working on balancing out the dance of our relationship in such as way that we’ll both win.

Friday night a bunch of the trainees hung out, and I finally danced merengue and bachata. On Sunday evening, I went to a church service! And it was so nice! Let me find out El Seibo knows a lil som’ bout Jesus. People were praising God and dancing and singing and worshiping. I felt pretty at home. There were some points when I was ready for the service to move on (probably mostly because of language hurdles), but all in all, I enjoyed it a lot, and plan to visit again while I’m here. The service I went to happened to be a concert, and they had a Christian rapper (in Spanish) named Ariel Kelly. He was really good. I didn’t catch any video of his performance, but I did catch some of a little praise celebration merengue-style (I mean, hey, we are in the Dominican afterall).

[will post the video soon. it’s taking forever to upload!]

I’m really grateful to be rodeada (surrounded) by the love of Christ. So glad to know that there’s nowhere I can go to escape his presence. He’s everywhere, and he’s everywhere that I am. I’m so encouraged by this. I’m also grateful for the family and friends back home that I get to talk to as often as possible. I love you guys. And appreciate your love and support more than I could ever say.

3 thoughts on “cbt

  1. Awww…Laila 🙂 I’m glad that you are enjoying CBT and the running water.

    I miss you a lot. But, I know that you are adjusting well and you have great people surrounding you. Plus, you have the Lord on your side.

    I love you, girl.

  2. Yay for running water! As I’ve ready told you before that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I feel connected to your experience, almost like I’m a fly on the wall. Your new host mother sounds sweet. She literally held your 26 year old hand to guide you across the street! That’s funny. A little strange, but at least you know you have someone that will care for you. Yes, Jesus is everywhere. And I pray that He will continue to cover you while you’re away. Miss you and love you Lailannnd!


  3. So glad to hear you are doing well, and I love following your ‘adventures’. Continue to enjoy yourself as you touch the lives of those around you.

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