50 days in: Oh, how we’ve changed

Written Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well, kids, it’s been 50 days since beginning this journey, and it’s truly only begun (I mean, hey, I haven’t even sworn in yet). However, despite my short time here, the contrast between a normal day 50 days ago is very different than a normal day now, so there’ve been a few changes in my life. Let’s have a Day-50 Top 10:

this was taken a few weeks ago, so i’m even darker now. i think my foot got sunburned. 😛

10. I’m a lot darker (thanks to all the walking in the sun)

9. I can’t actually decide if I’ve gained or lost weight (between eating extreme carbs daily and walking a lot more), but I’m sure one of the two is true.

8. I speak a lot more Spanglish. Examples— to another volunteer: “Look what tenemos”; after my computer battery died: “Está dead.”

7. I can sing the tunes to at least three Justin Beiber songs (don’t ask, please!)

6. I’m guaranteed to eat eggs every day for either breakfast, and/or lunch, and/or dinner.

5. I’m not sure which is worse: that I look forward to eating fried salami with every meal, or that a small part of me dies inside every time I don’t.

4. Yucca fries, fried cheese and onions is a completely viable meal for any time of day.

3. I’m very loud now (okay, so maybe I was kind of already loud, but hey, I’m in a good country for that).

2. I say the word “pero” (but) in front of almost all of my sentences, especially when it doesn’t fit there. (“Pero, Carlitos.”)

1. Whenever it rains, my first thought is, “So…I guess we’re not having [insert planned activity].”

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