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Written Tuesday, April 12

Last Wednesday, I sang “Here I am to Worship” at the church Unción del Santo. It was good, but not my best vocally. I think it the people were blessed by it though, and I had a good time. It’s been such a blessing having faith community again. Last night I went to the praise team rehearsal again. I’m not sure if I’ll be singing this week again or not, but honestly, it doesn’t matter to me; it’s just really good to have the fellowship again.

[Working on uploading video…slow connection!! Sorry!]

Saturday, my host mom had a birthday party to celebrate her 53rd birthday. And it was exactly how I want to celebrate my 53rd!! (Less so much alcohol.) It was a lot of fun. There was so much food and a lot of family showed up. We danced merengue and bachata. Only drawback is I think her son now kind of likes me because we danced merengue. Wack. Other than that it was cool. See photos and video below.

[will upload video]

que hombrecito. my host sobrino (nephew).
I know this guy looks sketchy, but…..mmmm…okay, yeah, he was a little sketchy. Kind of like that uncle at the family reunion. You know the one.
cumpleaños felíz, te deseamos a ti!

Then on Sunday, we went to the beach!! It was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen, second only to a beach I went to in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Sooooo beautiful! 🙂 WordPress is acting funny, so I’ll have to post photos in a separate post.

¿Qué más? ¿Qué más? The living room spider moved from the ceiling corner of the living room, to the ceiling corner above the shower in the bathroom. And this morning in the shower, a gecko scurried out of the drain when I turned the water on. It kind of looked like the spider was hunting the gecko for a while, because as soon as he came out of the drain, the spider started to move down onto the wall a little bit. But then every time I looked up at the spider it was in a different spot, and not moving, so I started to wonder if it was hunting me! I decided to quickly finish my shower before becoming spider breakfast, or before becoming witness to a spider-gecko showdown…although that would have been interesting to watch.

Later today we had interviews with one of the Peace Corps directors about where we’ll be placed. We still don’t know, but they’re narrowing it down. We find out in a few weeks. We also met with our youth group again. I’m really having a lot of fun working with the youth. This has been a pleasant surprise. I know that high school kids can tend to think that they’re grown, and to be frank, I just didn’t feel like dealing with attitudes. But these kids have been really motivated. And aside from one girl, who sometimes forgets that that it’s not her show, everyone’s been really chévere (cool).

nuestros jóvenes 🙂

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