happy blogiversary!

as of may 27th, i´ve been blogging for a year. it´s been fun sharing my natural hair photos and rants, my heart for God, my thoughts–organized or random–and of course most recently my peace corps experience with my family, friends and with whoever else decides to read. here are some interesting stats:

the three most clicked posts were:

  • strengths and weaknesses, in which i talked about some of my strengths and weaknesses (big surprise), after having attended one of the school of esther classes at my church.
  • pelo malo, which discusses the natural hair perception and prejudices in the dominican republic.
  • back in the city, which was a feature about returning to santo domingo after technical training in the peace corps.

the three least clicked posts were:

braid out

the most viewed (clicked-on) picture: the picture to the right of a braid out, which was from the fall flat iron post

the busiest day was tuesday, february 1, 2011, when pelo malo was published.

the post with the most comments: pelo malo

my favorite posts:

2 thoughts on “happy blogiversary!

  1. I am so glad that you do this blog. I look forward to each one, and I am learning so much from them and you as always!

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