fun & faith with the foresters

Written Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gary, Dave and Beth (my sister’s in-laws) came down Sunday for their annual medical mission. I went down on Monday to meet them and helped Mr. Gary with the interpretations. I had an awesome time!!!! I really enjoyed interpreting and making the patients feel comfortable with the process, but most of all, I enjoyed praying with them and demonstrating the love of Christ in a tangible way. I want to have a genuine heart for God and for helping people. Sometimes it feels like I’m here in this earth defending myself. Sometimes it feels lonely and cold. Not Monday. I think that’s been my best day here because of the atmosphere—I felt so free to pray for/with them and they seemed eager to receive. I definitely want to do it again. The hard part was leaving and going away again made me miss my family terribly.

3 thoughts on “fun & faith with the foresters

  1. we miss you too…some days you are heavier on my heart than others…we have to come see you…i have the post card on my desk in my apt in durham…the cloud looks like an eye looking at you…beautiful card…bonita

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