talkin bout sex with catholic yungins

Written Saturday, July 23, 2011

The local Catholic priest asked me to speak on Escojo Mi Vida from a Christian perspective (Escojo is Peace Corps DR’s program that encourages teens to make wise decisions regarding sex) at a campamento juvenil (youth camp) that the Catholic diocese was having. It was so great! 🙂 There were about 80 kids or so. At first I was uncertain of how to condense so much material in a short amount of time and present it in a biblical context, but I give God the glory; it worked out wonderfully.

I started out talking about identity and self-esteem and how they affect our decisions in life, borrowing from the Escojo materials. I also talked about our identity as new creatures in Christ.

replica of the poster i made for the charla. who's in the center of it all for your life: you or God?

I then talked about purpose and how God created us with a purpose: to know and glorify him. I had a poster that listed many important things on it (love, money, education, sex, family, etc.) and pointed out that we decide who is in the middle of it all: yo (me) or Dios (God). I mentioned that we’re to be/live as a part of God’s purpose for us and not try to have God as a function of our purposes.

Then we talked about the biblical view of relationships and sex. I borrowed from Chip Ingram’s book Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships, and talked about how the world tells us to find success in love by first finding the right person and building our hopes and dreams on them, while the bible contrasts that by exhorting us to first become the right person (in Christ) and ultimately seek to have our relationships glorify God as we build it with the other person.

Finally we talked about STDs and how to prevent them. It was a lot of fun and most of the kids had a good time and interacted with me.

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