IST, MRI and mange

Written Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last week the Education sector had its 3-month In-Service Training Conference (IST). This is where we present our community diagnostics after having been present in and having interviewed our community for three months. It was really good to see all the other volunteers’ presentations and the diversity of communities in the DR and Peace Corps efforts here in this country. Here’s a video and a few pictures below.

[will update video…slow connection]

caribbean living is so hard. you never know when you might have to climb a coconut tree.
taking pics with other volunteers and project partners
cheesy 90s shot. (insert montage here)



After IST, I met up with Jannelle in the capital and we went to a conference called Por Su Causa they had going on that weekend. It featured well-known preachers from the States such as CJ Mahaney and Jeff Purswell. Check out the link: It was a awesome!

When I went in to the Peace Corps office on Monday, the medical officer wanted to check the issues I’ve been having with my back/leg. So I got an MRI and a pelvic sonogram. I think I may have a herniated disc. Please be in prayer with me for that. At the clinic, I also visited Damian, who was sick with dengue and some other sort of infection. I shared my peanut butter MnM’s that Fati sent me with him. (Thanks, Fati! :))

about to leave the clinic
damian eating peanut butter mnms out of clean pee cup. i hope…just kidding damian…it was clean. 🙂









When I got back from IST, I found out that Mamita (the street dog that I take care of) is losing a lot of her hair. She was actually losing some before I left, but it’s really bad now and she’s a little ugly. I think it’s mange. When she saw me after having returned she was so excited, and wanted me to pet her. But not knowing what she had, that was the last thing I wanted to do, so she started crying a little. Also my host little sister and neighbor’s kid had not been feeding her, which I’d asked them to do, so I have no idea what Mamita’s been eating for the last week. She also had this ugly wound on her neck. Man, my girl was in rough shape, but I’m hopeful she’s still salvageable. I got some mange medicine from the bet. Hope it works on her. Pray for Mamita 😦

mangy mamita 😦

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