the light

“While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light.” – John 12:36

We have gotten so accustomed to humanity’s distance from God and from godliness that we’ve become comfortable with it; it has become the standard. But Jesus changed that all. He called us to believe, so we would become like God, sons (and daughters) of light. Jesus shows us that we are to experience closeness with God, and be like him, imitators of him (Ephesians 5). We should not feel comfortable with a distance, a deep divide, from him. And the truth is, we don’t. That’s why man is always searching, longing for a source of light, for THE source of light. Because deep down, we know that this life has to have more than the darkness we observe all around us. Lord, lead us ever closer to your beautiful light.

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