grace to choose

Written Wednesday, October 26

It is truly God who enables us to believe. We have songs like Byron Cage’s “Faithful to believe” and even the traditional hymn, “I have decided to follow Jesus” that speak of our choosing to follow the way of Christ or be faithful to him. But it is truly only God that gives us the ability to even come to the point where we can make that choice. I don’t mean to imply that these songs are wrong, or that we should hold a fatalistic worldview whereby we have no hand in the outcome of our lives because God is in control of all. But all I mean to say is that we have to appreciate and be thankful for even our being able to choose God and his way.

Consider Adam and Eve. They were the first things that were ever made like God. They were the closest things to God in all of creation in their time, and not only that, but they spent serious, consistent face time with the Most Holy One on a regular. And yet in an intense moment, temptation of the forbidden sealed their decision and the condition of our nature; weakness entered humanity. How is it that this happened? They were always with God, had close access to his presence at will, and walked with God in the cool of the day. They walked with GOD!! And they were still vulnerable to making a bad decision, to not choosing God. We are just as weak, if not more.

So while we should recognize the importance of making a personal decision to follow Jesus, we should also be equally, if not more, appreciative of the fact that even our ability to decide is a gift that God gives us through his grace. Our very response is a gifted one, as Matt Redman sings—“This is a gifted response, Father, we cannot come to you by our own merit. We will come in the Name of Your Son, as he glorifies you, and in the power of your Spirit.”

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