learning to teach

Two to three days a week I go to the homes of two 3rd graders to help them with reading. We go over letters (their names and the sounds that they represent), how they form syllables when paired with other letters or by themselves, and how those syllables come to form words. I’ve really enjoyed working with them, though it’s not been without its challenges. One of them seems to not like to think. We’ll review something over and over, and it’s pretty much hit and miss as to whether or not she says the right thing. She’s been trying to rely on her memory instead of processing the information. I’ve tried various methods to go over letters, sounds and syllables (which I’ll go over in another post), often to no avail. Sometimes she’s just closed to learning. But last week we had a breakthrough! I wrote “ba, be, bi, bo, bu” on the side walk with chalk and had her jump to the syllable that I called out to her. After a few rusty tries, she began to get all of them correct! After that I stood over the syllables and had her call them out; she again got them all right. I wanted to jump for joy. It’s been a challenge for me trying to figure out how I could get through to her, but I think things are finally starting to stick.

some of my alphabet cards. made out of posterboard and laminated with packaging tape. upper case on one side and lower case on the other.

PS – Thanks to my sisters and the Foresters I have a camera again! Thanks, guys! 🙂

2 thoughts on “learning to teach

    1. thanks! making a game out of everything is def the trick. keep posting about your adventures in costa rica. it’s so cool to see what service is like in other parts of the world. 🙂

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