1 year 6 mo 29 days in (7 months left)

At the beginning of August, I took two girls from my community to a Peace Corps conference called Celebrando el Cibao (El Cibao is the region of the country I live in). We discussed topics like diversity, discrimination and basic treatment of others, in a safe environment. We did dinámicas, arts and crafts and had presenters speak. Each group had to present on their community and on a different country. My girls and I had Brazil. We also went to this gorgeous waterfall and the río. My girls really enjoyed it.

My girls and me talking about our town.
The poster we made about Brazil.
HIV/AIDS charla
All participating PCVs at the waterfall.








My little sister at her first communion.

Back in my site, my sister recently had her first communion in the Catholic church. It was interesting. All the girls dressed up in what were essentially bridal gowns, and my cousin even said to my sister, “mañana, tú te vas casar,” (tomorrow, you’re getting married), perhaps in reference to becoming the bride of Christ, that is, the church. I’m not very familiar with Catholic traditions, so every so often I’d ask someone about the significance of what they were doing in the service.

One of my home visit kids going through the alphabet cards to form syllables.

Work wise, I’m no longer doing literacy home visits. I’ve gotten lists of kids’ names that have trouble reading from teachers, and I’m conducting evaluations with them to see if I’ll put them in my pull-out program. I have to pick up my slack from days missed last week from being sick before going home to the States to visit (so excited!!). I have about seven months left in my community, so I’ve been contemplating how I can make the most impact here before I leave; I feel like it’s crunch time. Literacy work with kids will keep me pretty busy, and hopefully I can find some folks that I can train to continue with it after I leave. And, si Dios quiere (God willing), I also hope to tap into parental involvement in education. In the meantime, I’m coming home soon, so I hope to come back 20 pounds heavier from all the delicious food I’ll be eating! :).

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