swallowing seeds and other reasons to not fear

Bowl of watermelon slices

I remember being very young and believing that if I swallowed a fruit seed the plant would grow inside me.

I didn’t know about digestive acids inside my stomach. I (apparently) didn’t consider that plants require dirt, and that I didn’t have that in abundance within me.

There were things that were true that I didn’t know or didn’t consider; because I didn’t, I was fearful, or at least briefly concerned.

Sometimes, I’m like that with other things now. There are things that stir up fear or concern in me, that in reality are of no consequence.

God has access to all information. We don’t, even though we sometimes think we do. It’s often not until later, when we learn about stomach juices or dirt, that we decide to not succumb to fear, but in the meantime, the threat feels very real.

We’d do well to remember that, even when we don’t, God has all the facts, all the info, the most informed perspective, and an entire eternity at his disposal, and that when we rest him, we have no reason to fear.

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