About BeautifullyMisfit.com

With 7,499,999,999 other human beings on the planet, no other person has your fingerprints. It’s utterly amazing how particularly made we each are. God has set you and me into history to be who no one else can be and to represent Him in a way that no one else can. Quite simply, this space is my corner of the Internets where I share my heart, my quirks, my experiences and my thoughts; they may fit your expectations, and they may not. Regardless, I hope this blog helps encourage other beautifully misfit folks to fully discover how God has fashioned us to uniquely represent His glory.

About me

I love God and his plan for humanity’s redemption offered through Jesus Christ. I’m learning to “try” to please God less, and simply submit my heart, desires, emotions, fears, doubts, plans, everything to him more. I am Laila: a Spanish-speaking, Black American woman with an Arabic name raised in the South by a Northerner. My hair is natural, my laughs are frequent and my thoughts are often very, very silly. From 2011-2014, I served in the US Peace Corps as an Education volunteer in the Dominican Republic. Happy clicking.🙂

Wait–but is misfit an adjective?

Adjective, shmadjective… 🙂

Peace Corps Disclaimer

Since I’ve written posts about my service in the US Peace Corps, I have to tell you that all thoughts and views you read on this page are exclusively mine, and not those of the Peace Corps or the US government.


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