protective styling

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been passing time playing with my hair. Well, not playing playing, really just trying out different protective styles. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of natural hair information sources talk about the importance of protecting the ends of your hair—since it’s the oldest and therefore, most vulnerable … More protective styling

pelo malo

“pelo malo.” it literally means “bad hair” in spanish. and in latin america (particularly the caribbean) it’s something heard not infrequently. so i’m trying to prepare myself for how i’ll react when i hear it in the dominican republic. i’ll be there for 27 months. my hair is natural. so i know i’ll hear it. … More pelo malo

natural prejudice

whether we know it or not, whether we want to admit it or not, each of us has prejudices. preconceived notions about others based on one facet of their complex existence. for example, some white folks would see me walking with my niece and nephew and assume that i’m a single mother, probably on welfare. … More natural prejudice

fall flat iron

here are some pictures from my annual flat iron/length check. instead of flat ironing after washing and then blow drying my hair like i’ve usually done, i actually blow dried my hair from a braid out, and then flat ironed it this time. i think i like this way better. it makes for fewer crispy kinks … More fall flat iron

poofy & powerful ponytail!

anything-but-simple ponytail poof! ok, i’m exaggerating a bit, it’s pretty simple, but i like it. lol i did it after taking out my twists (before a hairwash). kept it put with goody’s stayput thick elastics (these). and fyi, i had on a strapless dress, you just cant tell b/c of the camera angle. 🙂


the pompadour is one of my favorite natural hair styles. s/o to my girl candace for the inspiration. it’s so cute! 🙂 to achieve this look: plat your hair all over (exactly like when doing a braid out) take out the braids put all hair except some at the front into a ponytail and tuck … More l’pompadour

braid out

here’s a picture of one of the styles that i’ve been wearing for the last several weeks: the braid-out! this super easy style is accomplished in three steps: 1. braid your hair 2. unbraid your hair 3. style as desired and there you have your braid out 🙂 i used olive oil to help my … More braid out