making decisions

if your decisions don’t start working with your destiny you’re going to spend your life going in circles. sometimes…okay, i guess pretty often, i tend to get stumped when it comes to making decisions. i think part of it is just being afraid of making mistakes. (hey, dont judge me, i appreciate your prayers. lol) … More making decisions

fall flat iron

here are some pictures from my annual flat iron/length check. instead of flat ironing after washing and then blow drying my hair like i’ve usually done, i actually blow dried my hair from a braid out, and then flat ironed it this time. i think i like this way better. it makes for fewer crispy kinks … More fall flat iron

battle scars

i was in prayer just now, and i had this thought…not necessarily directly biblical, but just a thought. my image was getting to heaven and seeing jesus face-to-face. he showed me the holes in his hands as he did to thomas. then he prompted me to show him my wounds—-the battle scars i too had … More battle scars

poofy & powerful ponytail!

anything-but-simple ponytail poof! ok, i’m exaggerating a bit, it’s pretty simple, but i like it. lol i did it after taking out my twists (before a hairwash). kept it put with goody’s stayput thick elastics (these). and fyi, i had on a strapless dress, you just cant tell b/c of the camera angle. 🙂

polar responses

the gospel = you’re really messed up…but there’s a way out of your mess. the nature of the gospel tends to cause one of two reactions in people: the hearer becomes offended at being informed, “you’re really messed up.” the hearer is drawn and compelled to seek the way out of his/her mess. there are … More polar responses

am i looking for heaven?

i’ve been without a church home for about a year now, and i hate it. it’s not that i havent been looking, i’ve been to church every sunday that i’ve had the opportunity (that is to say that i wasnt doing something like working), save one time. and that one time just felt really awkward. i had this feeling of, “somewhere, people … More am i looking for heaven?

in your courts

i can see your hands when i close my eyes. i can see your hands and they mean so much to me. you are close, so close and you only draw me nearer. i am drawn to you; i approach. i cannot see your face, but i know your Image. i have met you a … More in your courts


i’m about to go to bed, but i just wanted to spit off some thoughts. it’s crazy how quickly time flies. i’m 26 now, which i sometimes forget. you always know that you will age, but it’s somehow still a shock when it happens to you. i know, i know, i’m still young. i start my first solo ESL class tomorrow, and … More dopeness


the pompadour is one of my favorite natural hair styles. s/o to my girl candace for the inspiration. it’s so cute! 🙂 to achieve this look: plat your hair all over (exactly like when doing a braid out) take out the braids put all hair except some at the front into a ponytail and tuck … More l’pompadour

the sin-bearing servant

Isaiah 53  1 Who has believed our report?       And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?        2 For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant,       And as a root out of dry ground.       He has no form or comeliness;       And when we see Him,       There is no beauty … More the sin-bearing servant

braid out

here’s a picture of one of the styles that i’ve been wearing for the last several weeks: the braid-out! this super easy style is accomplished in three steps: 1. braid your hair 2. unbraid your hair 3. style as desired and there you have your braid out 🙂 i used olive oil to help my … More braid out

frustrations are frustrating

on friday, may 21st i moved into a new apartment. almost immediately, i started experiencing cold-like symptoms, and i thought i had gotten some of jamecia’s germs (she stayed w/me that weekend, and she was sniffling). just over two weeks later, and i’m still experiencing “symptoms” only now, instead of just a scratchy throat, i have phlegm all through my chest, sore … More frustrations are frustrating

first post

So….I decided to start blogging again because I like having something to say. I’ll try to stick to that in my posts (writing b/c I have something to say), but I make no guarantees. Sometimes I’ll just be random, or very, very silly. I like boxes, so I’ll try to classify the posts by categories. I’ll … More first post