wish list

Since I have THE greatest family and friends, a lot of folks have asked if I need anything. Whenever they do, I can never think of anything. So, I’ve thought about it, and here’s a list of some things that would make the days a little breezier. All care packages MUST include one of each item (just kidding, feel free to send just one item:)). Please DO NOT send me anything expensive, or cash, as it will likely get stolen during Customs’ inspection. Thanks! 🙂

Reece sticks
Sephora lip gloss (rosy glow)
Peanut butter mnm’s
Pictures/artwork for my walls
Mild-scented pump soap (NOT antibacterial)
Tiger’s milk bars
Starbursts (original)
Colored pencils
Scotch tape
Anything! I love getting mail 🙂

Bug spray
Expensive items

Laila [last name], PCV
Cuerpo de Paz
Ave. Bolivar #451, Gazcue
APDO 1412
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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